1. New Rules may be added in the event an undesirable situation occurs.
  2. Do not try to change this wikia. Its purpose is to provide a reasonable assumption of a character's powers and abilities without resorting to fan made calculations, calculations that inflate or deflate a character's powers, keep it hyperbole and "informed ability" free. We only use feats and reasonable assumptions. Trying to break this rules will result in an instant ban.
  3. Do not use vulgar languages or profanity. Do not call people names (autuitic, stupid, mentally challanged, etc.), make insultings remarks, troll or threaten anyone. Using racial slurs or attacking anyone based on their personal background is forbidden. We are trying to keep this wikia family friendly and fit for children and their parents. We do not want parents to ban their children from visiting this wikia. Breaking this rule will mean a ban or a warning.
  4. Do not fight another user. Keep things civil. 
  5. Be nice to new users. Do not be an elitist.
  6. When debating, focus on the argument, not the user.
  7. Do not use any fallacy.
  8. Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning. Repeated offenders will be banned.