You all made sacrifices and now it's my turn. The killing stops here. All you can see is the light shining through the cracks around the edges of the door, Baby. And you just don't think that little bit of light can overcome your dark plans. But what you can't see is what's behind the door. That's what I am.


Central Protagonist of the Dragon Ball Series.

Powers and Stats

Name: Goku. Kakarot(Birth name)

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Age: ( 42 biologically) 35 physically ( he was dead for 7 years)

Classification: Saiyan,God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Abilities. Ki manipulation. Energy attacks. Minor telepathy.

Attack Potency: Far, Far superior to beings that can destroy a planet with great ease.

Speed: Extremely Fast. (Even King Kai can't keep track of his speed with his godly ki sense after he turned super saiyan.) Far superior in super saiyan Blue.

Lifting Strength: Very high. Lifted large boulders and a block of the densest metal in the known universe. Can lift the Z sword without much effort.

Striking Strength: Extremely high. Regularly knocks enemy kilometers away.

Durability: Survived extremely powerful attacks. Far Superior to Freeza Who survived Nameks destruction while barely alive.

Stamina: Exceptionally high. (Fought the first six shadow dragons and Omega and took extreme damage before he ran out of energy.)

Range: Kilometers.

Standard Equipment: Formerly his Nimbus (a flying cloud). Power Pole ( A pole capable of extending it't length.

Intelligence: Genius battle tactician. Academically None.

Weaknesses: Can't breath in space.


Notable Attacks/Techniques: Kamehameha. His signature technique.

Key: At full power.





His GT stats are not canon after the introduction of Dragon Ball Super.

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